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Various projects from my two years at Brafton,
a digital agency in Boston and Chicago focused on content marketing.
From Designer/Illustrator to Senior Designer, I created multiple projects for our
clients and became the lead designer for our internal work.
I was responsible for our rebranding which included: UX, infographics & gif-ographics,
custom blog illustrations, eBooks, white papers, and presentations. Infographics

A collection of infographics created for, ranging in topics pertaining to content marketing. Feature Images

Every blog article on the website includes an illustrative feature image.
Below is a collection of those various images, including illustrative charicatures
of Brafton employees when featured on the blog. User Experience

Redesign of multiple pages on the website.
The new design strayed away from stock image-heavy aspects,
and focused more on design and illustration to better fit the brand aesthetic. 

Content Marketing Services Page

Home Page Design

Blog Article Page eBooks

Visual Marketing eBook


Inbound Marketing eBook


Social Media FAQs eBook


Content Strategy eBook

Social Media eBook


Branding eBook


Account-Based Marketing eBook


SEO White Papers


Client Infographics